Other NGRA-Supported Research

The wine and grape industries are constantly working to improve the quality, production efficiency, sustainability and performance of our produce and products. A snapshot of research projects appears below. Looking for more details? Know of a project not listed? Use the Contact Form to let us know!

  UC Davis

Identification of factors that influence the level  of tannins and polymeric pigments in grapes and wines.

  Adams, D.


  UC Davis

Amino acid levels and sulfur-containing metabolites

  Adams, D.   AVF,
  UCCE Evaluation of soil salinity conditions in Central Coast vineyards   Battany, M.   AVF
  UCCE Determination of the vineyard irrigation crop coefficients within the Paso Robles groundwater basin   Battany, M.   AVF
  UC Davis Identifying the routes of infection of Eutypa dieback among vineyards, orchards, and riparian areas in California  Baumgartner, K. AVF, CCGPVE
  UC Davis Production and management of aroma compounds by Dekkera/
Brettanomyces isolated from wine
  Bisson, L. AVF, CCGPVE
  UC Davis Development of an enology outreach program   Bisson, L.  AVF
  UC Davis Adaptive evolution of commercial wine strains for reduced ethanol production   Bisson, L. AVF, CCGPVE
  UC Davis Evaluating the Effects of Sterile Filtration on the Sensory and Chemical Properties of Wine   Block, D.   AVF
  Oregon State
Deficit Irrigation of Cabernet Sauvignon and
Tempranillo: Impacts on Vine Growth, Yield, and Berry Composition
  Buchanan, M.   OWB
  USDA-ARS Durable powdery mildew disease resistance in Vitis vinifera: proof-of-function and discovery of genetic variation   Cadle- Davidson, L.



  USDA-ARS Next generation markers to accelerate grape cultivar improvement   Cadle-Davidson, L.   CTGC
  UCCE Mealybug pests and an emerging viral disease: Temporal and spatial studies of leafroll disease and mealybug vectors   Cooper, M.   AVF
  USDA-ARS Breeding Rootstocks Resistant to Aggressive Root-Knot Nematodes   Cousins, P. AVF, CRMB,  GTGC
  UC Berkeley Sustainable Controls for Vine Mealybug   Daane, K. AVF, CRMB, GTGC
  UC Berkeley Mealybug pests and an emerging viral disease: Vector ecology and their role in grape leafroll
associated virus epidemiology
  Daane, K.   AVF
  Oregon State
Effects of Vineyard Floor Management on Pinot Noir, Part II: Amino acid and pigment composition, and berry hormonal content   Deluc, L.   OWB
  UC Davis Metabolic Profiling of Grape and Wine Aromas   Ebeler, S.  AVF, CCGPVE
  UC Davis Search for, and Development of, Nematode
Resistance in Grape Rootstocks
  Ferris, H.  AVF, GTGC
  UC Davis Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars and Clones for the San Joaquin Valley   Fidelibus, M.   AVF
  UC Davis Node position, shoot emergence, and yield
components of cane-pruned raisin grapes
  Fidelibus, M.  CRMB
Evaluation of Advanced Grape Selections in the Coachella Valley   Gispert, C.   CTGC
  UC Davis Survey for Possible Reservoirs for Leafroll Viruses in North Coast Vineyards   Golino, D.   AVF
  UC Davis Enhancements to the National Grape Registry
(NGR) Website
  Golino, D.   OWB
  UC Davis Exapnding Content of UC Integrated Viticulture
Online (IV Website)
  Golino, D.   AVF
  UC Davis Grapevine Canker Diseases   Gubler, D.  AVF, CCGPVE
  UC Davis Grapevine Powdery Mildew Control – Revising the Gubler-Thomas Model   Gubler, D. AVF
  ANR Evaluation of Rootstocks for Table Grape
 Hashim-Buckey, J.   CTGC
  ANR Influence of Cultural Practices on Table Grapes
(Scarlet Royal, Sweet Scarlet)
 Hashim-Buckey, J.   CTGC
  CSU Fresno Interactive Effects of Mechanized Canopy
Management and RDI on Shiraz Grapevines
  Kurtural, K.   AVF
  UC Davis Rootstock Tolerance to Soil Salinity: Impact of
Salinity on Popular Grape Rootstocks Grown in Contrasting Soil Types
  Lambert, J.   AVF
  UC Davis A microbiome-based approach to the management of grape powdery mildew   Leveau, J.   OWB
  Oregon State
Development of grower preformed Lamp PCR for detection- based management programs for
grapevine powdery mildew in Vineyards
  Mahaffee, W.  AVF, OWB
  UC Davis Cultural practices to modify berry physical
properties and susceptibility to cracking.
  Matthews, M.   CTGC
  UC Davis High Definition Time-Lapse Videos of Grapevine Development   Matthews, M. AVF, CCGPVE
  USDA-ARS Aquaporin-regulated response of grapevine roots to salinity   McElrone, M.   AVF
  UCCE Improving Yield and Quality of Sauvignon Blanc   McGourty, G.   AVF
  UC Riverside Movento, much more than an insect growth
  McKenry, M.   CTGC
  UC Riverside Reproductive biology of obscure, longtailed, and grape mealybugs and its possible effects on detection, sampling, and control of mealybugs   Millar, J.   AVF, OWB
  UC Davis Postharvest control of black widow spiders on table grapes   Mitcham, E.   CTGC
  Oregon State
Impact of non-Saccharomyces yeast on wine quality- part 1, isolation and characterization of yeast   Osborne, J.   OWB
  UCCE Advancing Fruit Maturity   Peacock, W.   CRMB
  Oregon State
Effect of vineyard cover crop management on grape and wine quality II-grape composition and wine aroma-one year extension   Qian, M.   OWB
  Oregon State
non-Saccharomyces yeast on wine quality-part 2, aroma and flavor development   Qian, M.   OWB
  USDA-ARS Development of improved raisin grapes for mechanical harvest including types resistant to
powdery mildew
  Ramming, D.   CRMB
  USDA-ARS Development of Seedless Grapes for the Fresh
Market Including Types Resistant to Powdery
  Ramming, D.   CTGC
  UC Riverside Field Testing of Bio-agents and Fungicide Spray Treatments to Control Pathogens Causing Trunk Diseases in California Vineyards   Rolshausen, P.   AVF,  CCGPVE
  UC Davis Grapevine Leafroll Disease, a General Detail Study and Evaluation   Rowhani, A.   AVF
  CSU Fresno Crop yield and economics of San Joaquin Valley vineyards under alternative weed management strategies   Shrestha, A.   CRMB
  Oregon State
Impacts of early season fruit zone leaf removal on disease control, fruit set, vine growth and grape and wine quality of Pinot Noir   Skinkis, P.   OWB
  Oregon State
Effects of vineyard floor management on Pinot
Noir, Part I: Vine nutrition and growth response with declining vigor
  Skinkis, P.   OWB
  UC Davis Conservation Tillage of Cover Crops as a Means of Improving Carbon Sequestration and Diminishing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California Vineyard Soils   Smart, D.    AVF,
  USDA-ARS Influence of cluster-directed applications of calcium salts and other compounds before harvest on postharvest quality and decay of table grapes   Smilanick, J.   CTGC
  USDA-ARS Evaluation of fumigation with high and low concentrations of ozone gas and its compatibility with commercial packaging and other practices to control postharvest decay of table grapes   Smilanick, J.   CTGC
  USDA-ARS Reducing postharvest decay of table grapes by developing integrated vineyard treatments to maximize fungicide effectiveness and minimize
resistance to them by Botrytis cinerea
  Smilanick, J.   CTGC
  USDA-ARS Developing Sustainable ‘In-Row’ Management
Practices for Improving Weed Managment and Soil Nitrogen Retention
  Steenwerth, K.   AVF
  UC Davis Characterization of new Grapevine leafroll-
associated viruses in California vineyards
  Sudarshana, M.
  UC Davis Identifying and correlating populations to fruit
damage in raisin production systems
  Vasquez, S.   CRMB
  UC Davis Molecular genetic support to optimize the breeding of fanleaf resistant rootstocks   Walker, M. A.   AVF,
  UC Davis Breeding grapevine rootstocks for resistance to soil-borne pests and diseases.   Walker, M. A.   CTGC
  UC Davis Using marker-assisted selection to introgress powdery mildew resistance genes from different Vitis resistance sources in wine grapes.   Walker, M. A.  AVF
  UC Davis Oxidation of Wine: Control for Quality  Waterhouse, A.   AVF,
  UC Davis Measuring vine transpiration using sap flow sensors: Validation/calibration of a new sap flow technique on large grapevines growing in a
weighing lysimeter
  Williams, L.   AVF,
  UC Davis Evaluation of New Winegrape Varieties for the San Joaquin Valley   Wolpert, J.   AVF