Snag Some Gently Used Automation Equipment

Are you an extension agent, germplasm curator or viticulturist looking to automate vineyard trial plots? Or a forward-thinking farmer seeking to dip a toe in or upgrade your mechanization game? Scheid Family Wines is offering three V-Mech units designed for mechanized pre-pruning and/or shoot thinning, each located at their vineyard in Greenfield, CA. Get the details, including contact info, below.

Title: V-Mech Pre-Pruner/Shoot Thinner
Location: Greenfield, CA
Price: $80,000 per unit
Company: Scheid Family Wines

Item Condition: Fairly Used
Use of Equipment: Pre-Pruning or Shoot Thinning
Manufacturer: V-Mech LLC
Number of Units: 3 Total

Items included in each unit:
-2220 Tool Carrier Trailer
-Consolidated Pruner Left Model C1610
-Consolidated Pruner Right Model C1610
-Cordon Brush/Shoot Thinner, VSP

Item Description: The V-Mech 2220 Vineyard Mechanization Trailer is designed to cover up to two vine rows at a time, with seats for two operators who each manage one row with individual joysticks and controls. The mechanical rotary pruning heads are over-the-row tools that can be used as pre-pruners with pruning head stacks adjusted to the height and width of the pruning box. The V-Mech can be operated at an average speed of 1.5 to 2 mph. Other implements can be attached to the tool carrier for other mechanized operations such as trunk suckering, leaf thinning and shoot thinning.

Original price per unit: $196,611
Our price per unit: $80,000

Contact Information:
Scheid Family Wines
Ansony Valdez Rodriguez