Research Process & Support

NGRA strives to set an industry-driven research agenda, seeking to drive collaboration on game-changing national research projects and priorities, focusing on projects that no one grape industry segment could effectively undertake on its own.

How We Work

NGRA pulls together the right people to develop and explore ideas, then implement and extend findings into practice. Each year, NGRA Research Theme Committees identify research priorities and distributed to relevant researchers, who are invited to develop research proposals to address them. Our Theme Committee review all proposals submitted, and make a recommendation whether to sponsor, sponsor and fund, or support the project, as outlined below. The NGRA Research Committee reviews all recommendations, and moves them forward to the NGRA Board for final approval.

As projects are ratified, NGRA aligns the research community and industry to ensure robust project objectives and desired outcomes are baked into project proposals. We help to seek project funding, whether through the Department of Agriculture’s intramural (ARS) or extramural funding (NIFA) entities, universities, cooperative extension programs or private industry partners. And we stay engaged to ensure objectives and outcomes are met.

Project Support Designations

NGRA-sponsored projects
This top designation is awarded to projects meeting core NGRA theme areas, and is based on the strength of application. Mu
lti-institutional, trans-disciplinary projects are typically favored.

  • The NGRA Research Theme Committee Chair will approach a specific researcher (Principal Investigator or PI) regarding his/her topic.
  • A project team is developed, either by PI alone, in cooperation with the Theme Committee chair, or NGRA management. NGRA members may also self-identify for participation in any given project.
  • NGRA management works with the PI, coordinating meeting schedules, reading draft proposals to assure that all requirements are met, and working to secure matching contributions for the project.
  • NGRA coordinates letters of support and commitment of resources for the PI, and participates in the project’s Advisory Committee.
  • NGRA helps publicize updates on project progress and highlights achievements of individual researchers.
  • NGRA’s Extension & Outreach Committee aids in the extension of findings.

NGRA-sponsored and -funded projects
This designation describes projects for which grant applications were not successful and no alternative funding sources were available. In this case, NGRA provides full funding for the project. These projects proceed following the process described above.

NGRA-supported projects
This second-tier designation is used for regional projects, projects with industry-specific outcomes with regional application, or projects that address relevant but not core NGRA theme areas. Here, NGRA may supply a letter of support (a valuable document for grant applications) or commit a staff or board member to serve on a project advisory committee. These projects are t
ypically developed independently by the researcher, and may be brought to the attention of the organization by members of our board. 

For a complete overview of the NGRA Research Process, click here.