Research Priorities & Platforms

Using the research themes refreshed in 2017, the NGRA Research Committee created a new set of priorities and platforms for grape industry improvement, ratified in January 2018 and updated in 2019. The industry’s top-level priorities are:

  • Advance our understanding of gene function and linkage to important traits
  • Identify, establish and maintain high-performing, disease-free plant materials
  • Develop integrated models for the utilization of key natural resources at the vineyard-block level, including water, nutrients and sunlight
  • Build improved mechanization and automation systems to enhance labor efficiency
  • Improve pest and disease detection, modeling and control systems
  • Strengthen and support extension and outreach for viticulture and enology in America

There is rich detail behind each of the priorities listed above, as shown in our full priorities and platforms presentation, downloadable below. From big, broad ideas to more granular “streams and themes,” this document will guide our thinking around projects to pursue and support.

Click here to download our grape industry research priorities and platforms presentation.