Natural Resources and Environment

Focuses on water use and sustainability, vine nutrition and soil water status, soil health and sustainability, solar radiation, and climate change response and adaptation.


Integrated Production Systems

Spans agronomics, sensors, vineyard design, automation and mechanization, AI and machine learning, decision support systems, improved pest- and disease-management systems, and postharvest and processing technology.


Genetics and Grapevine Improvement

Cultivates advances in genomics, bioinformatics, traditional breeding, marker-assisted selection, molecular physiology, cultivar and clonal selection, and disease-free plant materials.


Extension and Outreach

Supports the national, state and regional objectives of extension and outreach specialists; ensures that research is put into practical application and that field observations for knowledge are bubbled up.

Our research focus spans the four theme areas shown above. These areas are organized into theme committees whose members leverage their considerable talent and expertise to help us target needs for further study, organize project teams, seek project funding, remain engaged for the span of the project, and ensure outreach/education efforts are in place so that research outcomes benefit the industry.

Since its inception in 2003, NGRA has been instrumental in generating more than $60 million for grape research. To learn more about how projects are identified and vetted, check out our Research Process. And click Current Research at left to see what we’re working on now. 

NGRA-supported projects involve multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, multi-state collaboration and target issues that no single grape sector could adequately address on its own. Leadership and funding are provided through creative public-private partnerships among government, academic and nonprofit organizations, and private businesses committed to research, development and adoption of best practices in the American grape and wine industries. 

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