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Collaborative Grape & Wine Research

The National Grape Research Alliance is a research-focused organization representing the U.S. grape industries: wine grapes, table grapes, juice grapes and raisins. NGRA gains strength through the collective expertise, experience and commitment of our members. Join us!


Funded Grape Research in America

Ever wonder what grape research is being funded? We do, too. We’ve started tracking grant programs and intramural funding sources to create a comprehensive snapshot into the ways scientists are working to improve viticulture.


Featured Research Projects

Efficient Vineyard, 2015-2019

The Efficient Vineyard project seeks to develop sensor and mechanization technology to measure crop load and assess canopy with real-time imaging to enhance our ability to achieve vine balance and eventually develop tools for precision viticulture. This project has now concluded.

Sustainable Vineyard Water Management, 2010-2015

This important study advanced “surface renewal” technology from a complicated array of tools to a single unit capable of sending automated evapotranspiration reports to users, helping to identify signs of stress and help determine when to water.

VitisGen2, 2017-2021

In the second phase of this game-changing research, the VitisGen2 team will expand on progress made in developing novel economic, phenotyping and genetics knowledge and tools related to new grape cultivars. And they plan to translate these and previous VitisGen innovations into new applications for improving grape breeding programs and managing existing vineyard plantings.