NGRA, The Movie

Our five-minute video overview

May 2021

I’ve always felt that starting a new job is like watching a foreign movie in subtitles. At first, you’re desperately focused on the words on the screen, uncomfortably aware that the action is flying by as you struggle to keep up. Then suddenly, somewhere along the way, it starts to gel. You’re not clinging to the subtitles anymore. You’re in the flow it.

When I started this job four years ago in April, that’s exactly how I felt. Not only was there the language barrier (as a non-scientist, I had to learn a lot of research-ese), but NGRA isn’t the easiest organization to understand. It’s not that it’s complicated! It’s just not like other, similar organizations we work with.

Over time, the picture became clear. NGRA isn’t a grant-funding organization like the American Vineyard Foundation. It isn’t a professional society like the American Society for Enology and Viticulture. It’s not a trade association like the many state and regional groups we count as members. What is NGRA? Let me tell you…via this new five-minute presentation on our website!

As I explain there, NGRA is a nonprofit charitable organization that represents the research interests of the wine and grape industry—wine grapes, juice grapes, table grapes and raisins—nationwide. We bring together American grape growers, processors and wineries, federal research agencies, academic institutions and cooperative extension offices to improve our industry through science.

The presentation (and the refreshed “About NGRA” web page it’s posted on) explains how we’re structured and gives examples of the important work we’re doing right now. I hope it helps enlighten you and others about this vibrant, active, industry-driven organization I have the privilege to lead.

If you’re not already a member, I encourage you to join us. There’s a part for you to play in NGRA!

Donnell Brown
NGRA President