NGRA Research Committee Refresh: Got Nominations?

The NGRA Research Committee is critical to the mission of our organization. Its members participate actively in the process by which we identify and prioritize industry needs for research and actively work to assemble teams of scientists to develop projects and acquire funding to get that research done. And this committee is about to see some new faces!

All of the three-year appointments for our Research Committee expire in June 2020. Research Chair Nick Dokoozlian is working with the Chairs of each of the Research Theme Committees to refresh the committee, overall. We expect there will be some attrition as people’s jobs and schedules change. Plus, we’d like to be sure each Research Theme Committee has deep and broad representation across sectors and regions. So we’re hoping to identify some new candidates to consider for the new class of Research Committee appointees. If you or someone in your organization would like to be considered for an appointment, please read on!

Here’s a bit more about these appointments:

  • We have four Research Theme Committees: Extension and Outreach, Genetics and Grapevine Improvement, Integrated Production Systems, Natural Resources and Environment. Altogether, they form to NGRA Research Committee.
  • Each committee includes at least six industry representatives and three academic members. Ideally, all four grape sectors and as many regions as possible are represented on each committee.
  • Research Committee members are appointed by the Research Chair.
  • Industry representatives must be on staff at or belong to an NGRA member-organization. They don’t have to serve on the Board of Directors. We suspect there are talented people working for NGRA member-organizations we don’t yet know. And there may be science-minded people whose organizations haven’t yet joined NGRA. New members are welcome!
  • Each person appointed has special interest or expertise in the theme area for their committee.
  • Each Research Theme Committee will likely meet by phone or Zoom once a month or so at the height of its activity. Meetings should start in late summer or early fall 2020.

The class of Research Committee appointees whose terms are expiring now did a tremendous job in giving form and function to our four theme areas, which NGRA had newly ratified when the appointments were made in 2017. They worked to brainstorm and prioritize research needs in each theme area, and worked through our first cycle of ideating and initiating real projects, made possible by the new Research Fund. Three projects emerged from the Research Committee process, two of which were invited for full proposals for Specialty Crop Research Initiative consideration, and the third is regrouping for a second, stronger shot at funding from the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. We are so proud of the achievements of our Research Committee, and we’re excited about the next class of appointees, who will start the process all over again!

Candidates for Research Committee appointments should…

  • Be directly involved in grape production (on the industry side),
  • Have a keen interest in production-related research,
  • Have great ideas and enthusiasm, and
  • Be passionate about contributing to the strategic vision of a national grape research platform, and willing/able to get involved.

Have someone in mind who should be considered for a Research Committee appointment? Please use our contact form to share her or his name and email address by Friday, April 10. A brief bio also would be helpful. All nominations will be vetted with our Research Committee Chairs and may be contacted directly to determine best fit. We may not have seats for all nominees, but we look forward to engaging the participation of science-minded colleagues to advance the industry’s research agenda!

Thanks in advance for your nominations!